Frequently Asked Questions

When I make a donation, how is the money used?

100% of donations go towards things the animals need, including veterinary care, food, medications, surgeries, supplies, and upkeep of/improvements to their living areas.

Do the directors earn a salary?

No. Nancy and Jessie volunteer their time to run the organization and care for the animals. We don’t earn any money from the nonprofit. We are 100% volunteer-run.

I found a stray/lost animal or have one that needs a new home. Can I bring them to you?

Unfortunately, we are rarely able to take in animals directly from the public. Here’s what we recommend you do:

I need financial assistance to get my pet the medical care they need. Can you help?

Unfortunately we cannot. But here are some resources!

I would love to come and visit the farm. How do I make that happen?

Awesome! Please go to the How to Help Tab, Volunteer at Our Farm page for more info.

Are there other animal sanctuaries or animal related services run by people who sign or by Deaf people?

Yes! Resources coming soon … stay tuned.

I'm curious about a vegan or plant-based diet. How can I get started?

Great! Eliminating meat and animal products from your diet is a great way to improve your health and to live a more humane existence by honoring the lives of the animals we share the planet with. Here are some resources: